Deploy Malloy
Deploy Malloy

Get your Deploy Malloy First Amendment Kit — Kits will be dropped of to you by our Deploy Malloy team — Form is below!

10 Yard Signs 
1 Deploy Malloy Tee Shirt (landslide edition)
2 Bumper Stickers


Free Speech is the first freedom citizens lose.

We need yard signs on your personal lawns! Everywhere!

We need bumper stickers on your vehicles. Everywhere!

We need you wearing your Deploy Malloy tee shirt! EVERYWHERE!

Can you help us place these signs on like minded neighbors and friends and family members lawns? GOD BLESS AMERICA!


All registered Vermonters are getting ballots delivered to them September 26.

Voting essentially starts that day.

However, political signs cannot be placed until 30 days prior to election day except on your personal property!

Please fill in our form to receive your Deploy Malloy First Amendment Kit!

Bless you for joining in.

Deploy Malloy first amendment Kit

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