Deploy Malloy
Deploy Malloy

Gerald Malloy
Republican running for United States Senator of Vermont

Below are my positions on many areas that need immediate change. I believe it is critical for Congress to address these areas and get our Country back on track, in the right direction, for our future.

Economic Prosperity
1) Finally tackle the $30 Trillion debt. Reduce the size of Federal Government, spend within budget, stop the bleeding. Over the last 15 years since 2007 Congress has allowed the National Debt to increase by over 300%—that’s failure.

2) Energy Independence. Restart the Pipeline and promote, not restrict, US independence across all forms of Energy. Go back to reasonable gas prices and reasonable inflation from 2020, not record and 40-year highs.

3) I support every parent’s right to decide what is and what is not taught to their children in school.

4) Illegal Immigration. Enforce the law, stop criminals and Fentanyl from China coming into the US. 10,000 lbs. of Fentanyl seized last year—enough to kill 2 Billion people.

5) A comprehensive review US Trade and Import practices, followed by the implementation of meaningful sanctions on countries with human rights violations, that harbor terrorists, that do not have fair Trade practices, and that produce Fentanyl and other drugs that are killing Americans. Stand up and Stop funding Communism, Terrorism, and Aggression – with the follow on benefit that we can make products instead of importing them.

6) Reduce healthcare costs, not Universal Healthcare but Initiatives to reduce price gouging and improve Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran’s Administration operations.

7) Ensure the United States has access to natural resources for the future, like lithium.

The Constitution
1) Support and Defend the Constitution as the Oath of Office dictates.

2) No more unconstitutional Federal actions or initiatives like Mask and Vaccine Mandates that have destroyed our Economy. Take a drive down almost any Main Street and see the shuttered businesses.

Maintaining a Strong Defense
1) Listen to and take the advice of our military leadership; learn from the debacle of the hasty pullout of Afghanistan where 13 service members died.

2) Rebuild damaged relations with NATO partners and allies around the world.

3) Do not enter into treaties that cannot be enforced with untrustworthy nations, such as Iran.

4) Fully support Law Enforcement. Funding, not Defunding, our Police; preserving order to enjoy freedoms.

I will support and defend the Constitution, to serve the best interests of Vermont and the United States. I offer Character, Experience, Leadership and Performance, for our Future.

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